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#I love this man 

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goddammit bill

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how do you act around people who dont like star trek

Follow the prime directive and don’t interfere with underdeveloped societies

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Do twins have the same sized dick?

now we’re asking the real questions

As a twin, I can say my dick is definitely bigger than my sister’s.

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reminder to look at this pup’s widdle feeties 

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Personal sketch based on this excellent comic about a lady knight and her willowy poet boyfriend by 16ruedelaverrerie.

The rainbows won’t stop gushing from my mouth, but what is there I even need to say about lexxercise, you know lexxercise! The important thing is that lexxercise is lexxercise, a beautiful towering fir tree atop Mt. Amazing, and this is so gorgeous that it is physically making my heart seize up. Did you know that when you look up the phrase “transcendental composition arising from organic body language” in a dictionary which contains improbable phrases as entries instead of words, you get this picture accompanied by the definition, “mere mortals wish they could aspire to such heights”? WELL YOU DO.

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i like how anthony mackie just played himself?? like he clearly went into the movie like “if i, anthony mackie, were the falcon, what would that be like? baller as hell, is the answer,” and just went with that

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